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Date Night Sucks

Why Fido Exists

Original Post by Jeff Ponders on Medium

Hi, I’m Jeff, and I have a Problem

As a guy, planning date nights can suck. 

Dealing with big events like birthdays, anniversaries, or Valentine’s Day aren’t that bad. There’s even a formula:

  1. Remember the date. (This is a BIG deal)
  2. Get a good card. (Even if you think they’re pointless, she’ll probably dig it)
  3. Buy the gift she wants. (Never underestimate the power of Tiffany’s)
  4. Schedule a massage. (Let them get her nice and tender… )
  5. Book dinner at her favorite restaurant. (No brainer here…)
  6. Buy flowers for extra credit or if you’re falling flat on steps 1–5. (Roses are red, violets are blue, buy her flowers, or no cookie for you!)

Where it gets really tough, as verified by my wife, is regular date night. The default date night plan is dinner, maybe a movie, or my personal favorite: “whatever you want to do babe.” Over the few years, my wife has increasingly asked me to be more thoughtful, use more effort, and do something interesting. It used to get a little irritating, until I realized she was right. More importantly, I knew I wasn’t alone. I’ve heard my buddies talk about their wives and girlfriends complain for years about the exact same thing.

I thought long and hard about why we don’t break the dinner-and-a-movie habit. I mean, I want a happy-wife-happy-life and I know date night matters, but when you have a demanding job, a new baby, household chores, friends to hang out with, limited time to work on building a startup or side project, and it’s NBA/NHL/NFL/MLB playoff season, who has time to go hunting for date ideas!?! The truth is, we just don’t make the time to step it up.

To validate this epiphany, I interviewed 40+ guys to learn about their date night experiences. Questions included how often they plan date nights, what tools they use, what they look for in a good date experience, and what would happen if they did more. Here are a couple snapshots:

Matt (mid 30s)

Business Owner, Metro Detroit

Matt and his wife of 5 years maintain “sacred Thursdays” for date night. He’s a dinner and Netflix kinda guy. He usually asks his wife where she wants to eat, or asks his siblings for restaurant recommendations. He doesn’t use any tools now for ideas. He thinks his core problem is that he’s too busy to plan more interesting nights and really not that creative, but knows that he would “win big” if he could pull off some great dates.

He would be really happy to have a tool that would help him discover interesting things to do for date night and provide reminders for him to put the ideas into action.

Lou (mid 20s)

Sales Guy, NYC

Lou has dated his girlfriend for 3 1/2 years and takes romance VERY seriously. He does a lot of the little things: love notes, flowers at random, and big trips, but his NYC lifestyle has pinched his budget and minimized the frequency of regular date nights. He knows she’s generally happy, but would love to actually try more new things. When he does plan a date, he checks Groupon, refers to his Evernote list of “Things to Try with Her,” and borrows ideas from friends through casual conversation or Facebook stalking. His biggest problem is that while he thinks about dates and ways to please her, he doesn’t turn those thoughts into action because he doesn’t think he can afford the “good ideas.”

He wishes he had a tool that would help him discover cool ideas in his area that fit both his budget and her interests.

We’re All the Same

The other interviews spanned guys in committed relationships from all walks of life. Ages 23 to 60+, recent college grads to retirees, urban to rural… and the response was overwhelming. A tool that enables guys to find interesting, budget-friendly local date ideas curated for their relationship interests would be a game changer, and help us win with our significant others.

Looks like I wasn’t alone, and definitely wasn’t crazy. So, it’s off to the lab to bring Fido to life…

About Fido

Fido saves guys time and money by helping them discover and plan great date nights and romance experiences for their happy wife happy life.

For $5 per month (less than the price of a cup of coffee), get curated local date ideas and romance tips delivered to your inbox.

To learn more, visit today and experience date night, done right.

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